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These days, environmental protection and sustainability are extremely important aspects of our lives. Everest Renewables is on a mission to help solve this problem while also ensuring a sustainable future.

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We strengthen the reputation and position of our partners in the renewable energy market through professional advice.

We adapt to each customer's needs

Our consultants will assist you in selecting the best products that will last for decades. All of our partners' success is assured by our preparation, competence, and customer care. Our years of success in the solar market attest to this.


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Maximum environmentally friendly - absolute and comprehensive building reform

We are doing it for our environment. Everest Renewables provides professional development for our employees so that they can deliver the best service possible on-site. When it comes to upgrading your home, one must consider several factors. It is critical to consider the type of solar system, air conditioner, heat pump, or electric car charger that will be implemented in your home. Because the technical substance of our products is constantly evolving, we provide extensive sales training to keep employees up to date, regardless of what type of power-related products or services.

We began in Hungary, but now we can be found in Czech Republic and Poland too!

Client and project management by Everest

  • Collecting leads

  • Connect with leads, making appointments

  • Comprehensive survey and planning

  • Contract

  • Administration: managing required permits

  • Customer satisfaction tracking, warranty monitoring

Every lead is handled as a potential customer; therefore, we strive to provide the best possible service in every scenario. Due to the full life path-tracking, we can monitor every step to make sure that our customers are entirely satisfied. Our system's success is proven by our outstandingly high NPS score of 83.

Our ERP system

We understand that there can be no customer satisfaction without a reliable IT system as a solid foundation. We designed our ERP system to provide the best possible user experience, and we can make changes demanded by the market.

Everest ERP system:

  • 100% own, 100% Everest
  • Fast, immediately available. Any new development can be started right away (regardless of whether the law or the market environment has changed).
  • User-friendly surface
  • Roles: different workflows need different roles (regional representatives, managers, project coordinators, call center, etc.)
  • Continuous support
  • Developing new functions continually
Accounting team

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