IT Solutions

IT Solutions is the same age as Everest, as we all know that a strong digital background is essential to our successes

Our milestones

  1. We create the Everest IT business unit
  2. Portal handover to our clients
  3. We create our own solar ERP system
  4. We are also enter the Czech market with our ERP system
  5. We will hand you your turnkey system

Custom ERP software

The software is designed specifically for each client, designated for each customer's needs and goals so the customer does not have to adapt to a "boxed" product.


We are developing custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, incorporating all our experience to date.


We will be in constant contact with you in order to ensure a smooth cooperation.


With the need for completeness, we will develop a long-term corporate governance system for you in many industries and other areas.


We take care of the introduction and education of the administration and corporate governance program.


Maintenance, availability, software fixes, software updates and regular data backups.

Software support

We do not let go of each other's hands even after delivery, we provide software support, which also includes free improvements, e.g. minor refinements because they always occur. This will make your software future-proof.

Can we help you?

Write to us and our colleagues will be in touch within 24 hours, to answer all your questions!

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