What is Everest?

Everest is present in 3 different business lines:

  • Everest Accounting - Accounting in Hungary: experienced accountants, online portal, account managers.
  • Everest Renewables - Renewable Energy in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland: sales and full administration of products and services with a self-made ERP system.
  • Everest IT Solutions - Development of our customers and our own systems.

Our story

The history of the Everest team dates back more than 15 years. In 2005, our first customer meeting took place in the same way as now: we served the needs of our customers with the best available knowledge with the highest level of service. The team of a few people at the time, which grew rapidly over the years and thanks to our growing customer base, simply could not escape our attention that the accounting market in Hungary needs to be innovated, so it became our determined goal to add more than traditional accounting.

In 2015, we launched our accounting business called Everest Accounting. Thanks to our self-developed portal, well-trained accountants and always available account managers, our business has developed rapidly, and since 2018 we have been operating as a private limited company.

Along with the development of the portal, our IT team also started, initially with only two people. Today, our developers are working to make the background work for our other two businesses run smoothly; in addition, we continuously serve our customers with their own IT requests.

Thanks to Accounting, we have employees who helped us launch our Renewable Energy business in 2016. Almost immediately after the launch of our new profile, we had a dynamic success and in a few years we were able to break records that had never been seen before in Hungary! One of the keys to our success is to monitor the lives of our customers with several actors in our self-developed ERP system. Our Renewable business proves in different places:

  • At our customers' field
  • in our background office where we do paperwork and customer service.

As a next step, we decided to use the experience we gained in Hungary abroad, thanks to which Everest is already present in the Czech Republic and Poland too!

Why Everest?

Our name reflects our commitment to always provide the best possible service to our Customers in all areas. Whether it's accounting, a B2C market, or even building a complex corporate governance system, we'll tackle the hardships of climbing and bring you to the top.

Discover Greatness Beyond Profession

Our vision is to seek excellence! From the offer to the conclusion of the contract and after the service, our vision always floats before our eyes. We strive to ensure that all our employees provide the same standard, which is why we hold regular trainings on various topics.

We, here at Everest...

  • We believe that our ethic and outstanding team cohesion and up-to-date coworkers make us more than a simple service company. Of course, we are proud of that!
  • The team is important to us! We value our employees and partners, ensure professional development and are open. In all cases, we vote for long-term cooperation.
  • We always want more! Our momentary success is not enough, we are always perfecting our processes, communication, and customer management.
  • Whatever the business, we have been working with our biggest customers for years, we are especially proud of that!
  • We are not just about service management; we offer so much more to any of our customers. Whether B2B or B2C, the sales process can be described more as consulting, as the customer is not only important to us at the moment, but also in the - common - future.