Az üzleti életben muszáj tervezni, ehhez pedig minden pillanatban pontos adatokra van szükség. Ebben segítünk – Everest Accounting.

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This year we met our clients for the first time. We helped them with their corporate finances. This was later accompanied by accounting and tax advice to effectively utilize their resources. Because of this, we now have hundreds of satisfied partners!

How do we work?

Accounting team

We can summarize this in one sentence: our professional accountants, account managers, and the online surface will support conscious management decisions, however, our services are more than that; one prepared financial advisor can help you with the daily process.

Data from your company.


Do you know the data that can help you in the decision-making process about hiring, investing, as well as smaller purchases? Are you familiar with your incoming and outgoing statistics, the seasonality or do you know which of your partners are the most loyal to you and how much money they spend on your company?

In the Everest Portal you are just a click away from your business’s actual finance situation, like receivables/payables, what and when do you have to pay, the status of your invoices, etc. In our Portal, you have access to numerous statistics, statements, and your quarterly and yearly reports.

The Portal

  • All statistics and data in one place: one click away even in a meeting
  • Responsible decisions under seconds - always available
  • Decide if you have enough resources for your investments
  • Get access to the payroll anywhere, anytime
We are going to help you to be updated in the accounting!

Can we help you?

Write to us and your Account Manager will be in touch within 24 hours. All of your questions will be answered, even in English, German and Spanish!

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