By combining the most modern IT and decision theory methodologies, we are renewing the consulting and sales profession in Hungary. (And at the call of our biggest partner, we are already testing ourselves abroad.)

Our team of nearly 70 people currently serves the needs of our customers in 3 business lines. We believe that a professional, customer-centric attitude is the best investment today.

This is why our Clients contact us, which can be a dream come true compared to other sales and consulting work. Submit your biography and get to know each other!

We are looking for you because ...

  • You like to communicate and get along well with people! (It doesn't matter if you don't have consulting and sales experience, but be sure that with our help it will work for you!)
  • You are licensed and have the option to use a car.
  • You love a hectic life and you don’t like to sit in an office all day.
  • A good mood is important for you and you can fit into the young (24-34) team.
  • Both your heart and character are in place and not just your communication. In fact. We can improve your communication.

What we give ...

  • Interested parties / Customers and a service / brand you can be really proud of
  • Flexible working hours, home-office, smart office solutions
  • And that's an outstanding income, isn't it? In principle, this is not so important for generations Y and Z, but we think they are wrong about this :D
  • Our team is built from within, the career paths are crystal clear for everyone
  • In Hungary, we believe that ours is one of the best offers in the consulting and sales market!

Our office

Accounting team

Our high-quality office is located on 180sqm in the heart of the city center, in Arany János street.

This section of the street can be compared to Liszt Ferenc Square in summer. We love being here.

As a young team, we are always happy to welcome new employees.

With us, employee relationships do not break at the end of working hours. Most of us have been working together for years and we know we can always count on each other.

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